Fluehjul Ultra light klasse 4/5/6

Fluehjul Ultra light klasse 4/5/6


400,00 kr

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Super lækkert letvægtshjul til små penge

Her i klasse 5/6


Product Description:

1) Made of 6061-T6 Aluminum

2) Ball bearing: 2

3) Gear ratio: 1:1

4) Drag System: Smooth cork disk


1.Large arbor design 
2.Smooth cork disk drag system 
3.Super light fly reel 

4. A large diameter cork drag with low start up inertia and ultra smooth feel

5.A one-way stainless steel spindle bearing with internal cap and O-ring seal

6.3-The spool is easily removed via the sealed o-ring screw cap that tightly locks to the spindle

7.The drag is tightly sealed by an additional high density ABS cap to keep out moisture and debris

8.Silent retrieve combines with a subtle line out clicker to compliment the reel

9.Easy right to left hand conversion and we will set this up on your request



Size Outside Dia.(mm) Inside Dia.(mm) Spool Width(mm) Weight(g)
NVC 3/5 83 52 27 134
NVC 5/7 90 58 27 138
NVC 7/9 97 62 30 170
NVC 9/11 104 67 30 174

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